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What is Albuquerque All About?

The Locals Guide to Albuquerque What is Albuquerque all about?  It’s about fun, spaces and light, places to go and people to see, and ever-changing landscapes and vision. Welcome to Albuquerque.     Find your next home in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Home sale preparation steps

So, you want to sell your home?  Here are the steps to take to prepare for your home sale.  Start early!    Clean!  Clean everything.  Clean fan blades, countertops, under sinks, wipe out inside cabinet drawers.  Clean off all chrome fixtures (use rubbing alcohol as a simple cleaner).  Clean up Read More

Selling your Albuquerque home

Much goes into selling an Albuquerque home.  Pricing, Preparation and Positioning in the market! Pricing This is a strategic factor, and it’s also a moving target.  Often I have someone list a home for sale with me, but it hasn’t gone into the Multiple Listing Service yet because of Preparation.  Read More

Albuquerque real estate statistics

List Price/Sales Price Ratios   This is a chart that shows how much homes have sold for as a ratio between Listing Price and actual Selling Price As the market becomes more robust, homes sell closer to list price – over 2017 you can see a steady decrease in the Read More