Home sale preparation steps

So, you want to sell your home?  Here are the steps to take to prepare for your home sale.  Start early!


  1.  Clean!  Clean everything.  Clean fan blades, countertops, under sinks, wipe out inside cabinet drawers.  Clean off all chrome fixtures (use rubbing alcohol as a simple cleaner).  Clean up blinds (use a rag on a ruler), vacuum curtains (or take them down and wash if possible).  Be sure and get all of the dust bunnies on top of curtain rods and tops of shelves)
  2. Be mindful of what you will be cooking while your home is for sale.  Corn beef and cabbage is delicious, but smells terrible!  Try to keep your cooking simple.
  3. Start packing up boxes now, filling first with decluttering items!  Get two boxes, one for donations, one for garage sale (if that’s your intention).  Goal setting to put something in those boxes every single day.  Don’t pay to move stuff you don’t want to your next home.  Some movers may accommodate your decluttering by offering to move big items into storage while you make your decisions on what to take.
  4. Paint in neutral colors.  Got that pink room from your daughter’s 8th birthday?  Paint it!  Neutral knows no objections
  5. Keep your decorating simple.  Please take down the fake leaves and country floral decorations.  These are quite distracting to most buyers, and you want your home to look at simple and streamlined as possible.
  6. Remove personal items.  Remove family photos, personal calendars, (other REALTOR magnets from the refrigerator), lock up any personal papers and don’t leave your soap dish jewelry holder.
  7. Leave all blinds open as often as possible.  If you have very high windows, see if you can tolerate keeping them open all the time.
  8. Put some flower vases in strategic areas and fill with fresh flowers or cuttings from your garden.  Keep them fresh!
  9. Take a good look at your living spaces and make sure that a piece of furniture doesn’t own too much for the real estate space.  If so, call that moving company to store it for your next home.
  10. Don’t forget to clean out your closets!  Think of those boxes and sort and toss clothes you aren’t going to wear anymore.  Get some wardrobe boxes to store any seasonal clothing.
  11. Fix all of those little items you have learned to live with.  Loose doorknobs, squeaky hinges, leaky faucets.  Fix ’em.
  12. Update faucets or small fixtures that just look bad.  Old microwave?  Either get a new one or toss the old one if it’s a counter-top version.
  13. Purchase some new towels and display them in the guest bath that you aren’t using.  Master bath sad?  Store the new towels so that you can place them out for showings.  They will make a difference.  Put the old ones in the washer for the showing.
  14. Please close the toilet lid.
  15. Stage each room for comfort and conversation.
  16. Make sure there are open pathways for walking through your home.  You can do it without thinking, but new visitors need to feel comfortable.
  17. Bake cookies or a pie.  Smells are important.
  18. Put out a wine glass and a bottle of nice vintage.  Make a countertop area a nice looking coffee or wine bar setting.
  19. Buy some new color ‘pop’ pillows or throws.  You don’t need many, but one or two bright colors in a room can make a huge difference.
  20. Paint the front door if dull, or refinish the wood.  Replace if necessary.  Flower pots, clean the porch, power wash the front of the house.  Neat and tidy, rake up weeds, keep things trimmed.  Street appeal is EVERYTHING!

Doing the work up front is everything for preparation of your ho

List Your Home For Sale

me for sale.  Contact me if you have any questions or need a walk through during your home preparation project!  I’m here to assist you!



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